Where are the Quad Cities located?
The Quad Cities region is located on the Mississippi River and is made up of the riverfront cities of Moline, East Moline, Rock Island in Illinois, and Davenport, Bettendorf in Iowa. The area also includes smaller communities and towns that offer their own wonderful surprises.

Why are we called the Quad Cities?
Why are we called Quad Cities? Before World War II, this region was known as the Tri-Cities, and included only Davenport in Scott County, Iowa, and Rock Island and Moline in Rock Island County, Illinois. With the growth of Rock Island County, East Moline was eventually given "equal status" in the early 60s. The region then became the "Quad Cities." By the 70s, Bettendorf had grown such that people discussed the adoption of the name "Quint Cities." However, by this time, the name Quad Cities had become known and Quint never caught on. As Bettendorf passed East Moline in size, it became one of the Quad Cities - a name that is technically a misnomer, as the area includes five cities and many nearby communities. The total population for the region is over 400,000.

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