Refund Policy

I have purchased merchandise through your online store.
All unshipped merchandise is eligible for a full refund. To request a refund for any unshipped merchandise, please contact Cheryl Piersall at or 309-736-6826. Refunds on merchandise that has already been shipped to you will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Unfortunately, shipping charges on merchandise that has already been shipped to you are non-refundable.

I have made a payment for a CVB event that I will be attending.
Unfortunately, we cannot issue refunds for event registration payments. However, if you are unable to attend the event, we will be happy to accomodate any substitute that you wish to send.

Privacy Policy

The Quad Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau is committed to protecting your privacy and information. We will not sell or otherwise give away any of your personal information to third parties. Your email address will not be used to send marketing messages, unless you have specifically opted-in to receiving email communications from us. If you have made a purchase on our website, we may send you email messages relating directly to your purchase. Details of our privacy policies are included below. If you have further questions about the privacy policies of the Quad Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau, please contact us directly.

Why do you want to know my name, contact information or email address?
As a destination marketing organization, we collect addresses, phone numbers, and zip codes so that we can learn more about where our visitors are coming from. We do not use your contact information for any other purpose besides internal research, and we do not sell or otherwise give your contact information to any other outside organization or individual. Our internal research only includes generalizations about the origins of Quad Cities tourists, and does not include any personally-identifying data.

Why does your website prompt me for my location?
We use the physical location of your internet-enabled device to provide you with information about nearby attractions, restaurants and hotels. We may retain physical locations in our database for internal research; however, we do not save device IDs, names, addresses, or any other personally-identifying information. When you visit our website, your browser will ask you if you would like to share your location. You may opt out of location-based services at any time and continue to use our website normally.

Why do you want to know my credit card number and/or billing information?
The only reason we would ask for your credit card and billing information is if you are making a purchase through our website.

How do you make sure nobody steals my credit card information?
Our online payment forms are secured by 128-bit SSL encryption. Information that you send to us is encrypted on both ends so that nobody can read the information while it is in transit. Credit card information is processed and stored by credit card processing services. Your credit card information is not saved or accessible by any staff member of the Quad Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau. complies with all security standards of the major credit card issuers and the Payment Card Industry.

What other information do you keep track of, about me?
Our website analytics tools will log your IP address, the type of browser you are using, the type of operating system you are using, and other non-personally-identifying elements of your computer. This is standard procedure across many websites. None of this information can identify you personally, and we do not use this information except as generalized, anonymous internal research.

Do you share my information with other companies?
No. The only reason we would share your contact information with another company is if it is part of a marketing partnership, and you have specifically opted-in to receiving communications from the other company.

Do you sell my information to anyone?
No, we do not sell your contact information to any other organization or individual.

Do you collect information from children?
No. All participants in Quad Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau mailing lists, contests and promotions must be at least 18 years of age.

How can I start or stop receiving email from you?
If you would like to receive our monthly leisure emails with information on upcoming Quad Cities events, click here. If you would like to stop receiving marketing emails from us, simply click on the "SafeUnsubscribe" link at the bottom of any of our emails. Our email provider, Constant Contact, will immediately remove you from their database. Or, contact us directly and we'll be happy to remove you from our mailing lists.
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