There is a wonderful fall art exhibition at the Smith Studio and Gallery in Geneseo, Illinois.  On special exhibit are the unique photographs of Joanne Barsanti of Roselle, IL.  It is hard to call these photographs as she uses a unique combination of special processes to create imagery reminiscent of Japanese sumi-e paintings. 

With a digital camera and computer software, Joanne reproduces her imagery on elegant Kozo paper made in Japan. She uses the ancient process of  “momigami" that produces a crinkled paper effect.  This all comes together to create a unique work of art that pushes the boundaries of photography beyond prior limitations.

Joanne Barsanti’s 2D works of art are created from her nature-based photographs, but they transcend traditional photography as a genre. There is a dynamic, fluid, and tactile nature to them that cannot be captured in a digital image displayed online. The end-result is a marriage of modern technologies and ancient techniques that must be seen in person to be understood and appreciated. 

Smith Studio and Gallery • 124 S. State Street • Geneseo, Illinois
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10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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