The second-floor Lewis Gallery at the Figge Art Museum will have Art Nouveau Amphora. The exhibition is organized by the Figge Art Museum and features works from several private collections.

Art Nouveau or the “new Art” emerged in the late 19th century and is recognized for the use of curvilinear forms inspired by nature and a focus on aesthetic beauty. Developing out of the Aesthetic Movement, Art Nouveau gained international popularity and influenced art, architecture, illustration and decorative arts.

During this period, Louis Comfort Tiffany and his studios created stained glass windows and iridescent art glass, while in Turn-Teplitz, Austria (now part of the Czech Republic), the manufacturer Riessner, Stellmacher and Kessel (RSt&K), later called Amphora, produced distinctive art pottery.

Amphora’s elaborate creations ranged from the elegant to the bizarre and often were finished with striking glazes and gold accents. Some artisans sculpted mythical beasts, while others decorated vessels with images of beautiful women.

While Amphora is best known for their pottery in the Art Nouveau style, they produced a range of work demonstrating shifting tastes and artistic styles during the era.

Art Nouveau Amphora will be on display in the Lewis Gallery through June 16, 2019. In-kind support for the exhibition is provided by members of Amphora Collectors international.

Figge Art Museum • 225 West 2nd Street • Davenport, Iowa
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