“Rise Up, O Men” is a brand new musical featuring the men of the church and your favorite church basement ladies who serve them. As these hard-working farmers discuss their scrap lumber piles and the benefits of solder vs weld, they unintentionally disrupt the order of the kitchen. But that’s what happens when you let roosters in the hen house! Rise Up, O Men! shows us a couple of days in the life of a small rural Lutheran church circa 1964


Co-Writers Greta Grosh and Graydon Royce, together with lyricist and composer Dennis Curley, maintain the same light-hearted, folksy humor and witty songs, with sprinkles of sweetness, that has been the hot dish of this series Mavis, Karin, and Vivian are back in the kitchen frowning just a bit at the presence of the men. Turns out the kitchen needs a little fixing up, and there seems to be something wrong with the furnace. Pastor Gunderson is joined by Karin’s husband, Elroy Engelson, and handyman, Carl. We also have an appearance of an elderly Arlo to throw a little more confusion into the chaos of men in the kitchen. Between Mavis’ hot flashes, Karin’s missing mother’s ring, and Vivian’s annoyance at having men in the kitchen, more than the coils in the old refrigerator/freezer need to be aired out. The pastor has aspirations about being a comedian, but all of his jokes go down the toilet. Karin is feeling the pangs of seeing her daughter go off to college, and the Lutherans need to get their act together for the talent show.

Circa '21 Dinner Playhouse • 1828 3rd Avenue, Box 3784 • Rock Island, Illinois
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5:45 PM - 10:00 PM
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