WHAT: “…In the Flesh” by Dean Kugler and “Heads & Figures” by Erik Ohrn


WHERE: Quad City Arts Gallery, Rock Island


EXHIBITION DATES: June 29th through August 17th, 2018


RECEPTION: Friday, June 29th, 7-9 pm




On exhibit from June 29th through August 17th, 2018, will be paintings and sculptures by Dean Kugler of Davenport, IA, and paintings by Erik Ohrn of Joliet, IL.

Dean Kugler presents “…In the Flesh. Primarily a sculptor, Kugler says that learning to paint has been an attempt to find his voice. His paintings contain portraits of individuals, often solitary, that exist within stripped-down or incomplete environments. Strange and subdued colors paired with drippy backgrounds create an effect that encourages viewers to consider the psychological states of the figures.


Erik Ohrn presents “Heads and Figures.” Ohrn is a figurative artist who believes that paint can capture a myriad of thoughts and feelings. He works on panel so that he can scratch into or sand down areas of a painting, an act which leads to textures as unique as the portraits he creates. By omitting crucial details in otherwise ordinary scenes, Ohrn invites multiple readings of each piece.


Both Kugler and Ohrn use figuration to communicate ideas about psychology, internal states of being, and the solitary nature of existence. Simultaneously, both explore the ways in which paint’s physicality (in the form of drips, wiped-out areas, frenzied brush marks, etc.) can generate conceptual meaning.


The public is invited to meet the artists and enjoy complimentary food and beverages from 7-9pm on June 29th at Quad City Arts in Rock Island.


Quad City Arts • 1715 - 2nd Avenue • Rock Island, Illinois
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