One Human Family is hosting a symposium entitled "Hate:  We Shall Overcome".  The purpose of the symposium is to take us beyond merely protesting against hate groups and starting to look at the root causes of what drives individuals to join hate groups.  The more we understand these root causes, the better chance we will have of doing more than just driving hate groups back underground, only to re-emerge at some later date, and actually finding ways to help those who join hate groups to heal them of hate.

The symposium will take place at Trinity Lutheran Church in Moline - 1330 13th Street - from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., on Saturday, December 9th.

This symposium  will feature as a keynote speaker Mr. Frank Meeink, a reformed Neo-Nazi skinhead, who works with the organization Life After Hate.  We also will be holding 5 additional break out sessions, each session being conducted 3 times during the day.  Our break out sessions will be:  1) A Taste of OUCH! Training, conducted by Bob Babcock: Learn to respectfully and successfully confront hate speech and stereotypes; 2) Child Abuse and Hate, conducted by Brooke Hendrickx of the Child Abuse Council of the Quad Cities: Learn how prevention tactics can reduce the incidence of extremist behavior; 3) Alt-Right Hate on the College Campus, conducted by Shay DeGolier, community outreach organizer for the Southern Poverty Law Center: Learn to identify and counter hateful propaganda; 4) Unlearning White Supremacy, conducted by Sara Barron and LaTasha DeLoach: Learn what racism is and how to identify and eliminate it from your life; and 5) Getting to Know Your Neighbor, conducted by Rev. Richard Hendricks, pastor of the Metropolitan Community Church of the Quad Cities, and Dr. Lisa Killinger, president of the Muslim Community of the Quad Cities: Participate in learning exercises that can help you establish meaningful relationships with people from diverse backgrounds

Trinity Lutheran Church • 1330 13th Street • Moline, Illinois
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9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
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