“Loser’s Bracket” opens November 15 and runs through November 24. Tickets are $16 except on $13 Thursdays. For more information or to purchase tickets visit theblackboxtheatre.com. The Black Box Theatre is a non-profit entity located in downtown Moline on 5th Avenue.

The plot revolves around Tiny" Willits and Ethan Banks who spend most of their free time at Boo's Tavern in the small, working-class community of Downs Moor. Boo's co-owner (along with bar namesake Boo Koontz) is a know-it-all loudmouth named Gus "Hitch" Bigwood. Hitch has a noticeable limp due to a forklift accident at the town factory 10 years earlier, which got him a massive settlement, a large part of which he spent on an antique automobile. Unbeknownst to Ethan and Tiny, Hitch has been faking his limp for the past decade to avoid paying back the insurance company for the fraudulent claim. And what these three plan form the comedy of “Loser’s Bracket.”


The Black Box Theatre • 1623 5th Avenue • Moline, Illinois
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