The public is invited to attend this weekly meditation class for beginners at Lamrim Kadampa Buddhist Center.  Sit in the Meditation Room on a chair or meditation cushion and view the Buddhist shrine.   A traditional shrine includes a statue of Buddha (symbolizing Buddha’s body) in the center, a stupa (symbolizing Buddha’s mind) on its right, and a text (symbolizing Buddha’s speech) on its left.  Visitors are also invited to spend time in the Center Community Room with tea, Library and Bookshop.  Lamrim Kadampa Buddhist Center offers meditation classes, retreats, workshops, day courses, structured Buddhist study programs and daily Buddhist chanted prayers.

%u25CF Each meditation class will include an explanation of the benefits of meditation and how to meditate followed by a 10-minute guided breathing meditation. Then a brief instruction on how to keep a positive mind in daily life will be explained followed by another guided meditation. 
%u25CF We sit in chairs.  
%u25CF Suitable for Beginners/Advanced Meditators
%u25CF Drop-in class, so you do not need to pre-register or pay in advance.
%u25CF $10/ $5 Students/Seniors/Unemployed
%u25CF Everyone is Welcome, No experience necessary.

Location:  Lamrim Kadampa Buddhist Center
Address:  502 West 3rd Street, Davenport, IA (at the corner of Scott street, just 3 blocks north of the Freight House MarketPlace.)

For more information call (563)322-1600

Lamrim Kadampa Buddhist Center • 502 West 3rd Street • Davenport, Iowa
This event occurs in the past
6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
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