Nahant Marsh Education Center provides a monthly program specifically geared towards homeschooled children grades K-9th. Each program includes a lesson, hands-on activity and outdoor exploration. The program runs from October through May of the school season.

February 23 Topic: Otters 
Students will learn about otters and their special adaptations that allow this playful mammal to spend so much of its time in the water and survive cold Iowa winters. They will also learn why otters were trapped so heavily and how they made a comeback. 

March 30 Topic: Owls
As nocturnal raptors, owls have many amazing adaptations to hunt prey at night. Learn about the habits of these birds by looking at skulls, wings, and mounts. Students will also get to study and dissect owl pellets. 

April 27 Topic: Mussels
Mussels are the most endangered species in the U.S. Learn about the adaptations, diets, life cycle, and history of these shelled creatures. Mussel shells will be shown and students will learn to identify species. 

May 25 Topic: Frogs
Students will learn TOAD-ally cool adaptations of different frog species that call Nahant Marsh home. They will also identify and learn to make their own croaks, yaps, chirps and whistles of Iowa’s native frogs. 

Nahant Marsh • 4220 Wapello Avenue • Davenport, Iowa
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2:30 PM - 4:00 PM
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