The main reason why most people who are trying to make money online fail miserably is because..

1) They are in the wrong niche.
2) They try to market to too many niches - no focus!

Now, in this article we will cover how to avoid making those 2 brutal mistakes that will have you giving up on niche marketing in no time because you are making no money.

1) The Wrong Niche

Probably the main cause of niche marketers not making money online is because they are in the wrong niche. Too many people come online and decide to build a website without researching and finding out if the niche they are in is a niche where they can make money. Lets take a look at how to go about finding the right niche for you…

- Do keyword research

Doing keyword research will enable you to find out if people are actually interested in the niche you want to make money in. It will also tell you how big your market is and what exactly they are looking for in yout niche.

- Make sure you can make money in the niche

Unless you are building a website which you will maintain as a hobby, make sure that you will be able to make money in the niche you are looking at. An easy way to do this is to check out your competition. Are they selling products? Are their affiliate programs for products in your niche? Are people bidding on adwords?

If there is money in the niche, you can be 99% sure that other people are making money in the niche already. Check them out and learn from them!

If after a few months you realize that you chose the wrong niche and that there is not much money in it, switch niches. Find a new one. Dont hang onto something that you know is not worth it.

- Passion

Are you passionate about your niche? For me this isnt a big issue, but for people who get bored easily, make sure you are doing what you enjoy!

2) Dont try take over the internet!

It is best, especially when starting out marketing online to laser focus on one or two niches. Become and expert in those niches. If you focus on too many niches you wont have focus and thus your business will suffer.

Spend an hour or two each day working in your niche. Write articles, update a blog, create a product. If you have too many niches you wont know which to work on when.

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