Alison Filey presents “A Guide to Domestic Measurement.

Filey creates screen-printed patterns that speak to the trappings associated with domestic expectations. “We often feel pressure to conform to collective norms promoted by advertising, popular culture, and socioeconomic status.” Filey notes. “These idealized norms…the dream house, perfect children, manicured yards, and home-cooked organic meals…can be beautiful and seductive, but often artificial. This installation combines these symbolic objects to form new elaborate patterns that are equally contrived and alluring.”

Matthew Terry presents Reconstructing the Rise of Asymmetrical Skylines.”

Terry finds inspiration in structures that are suspended in an incomplete state—buildings that are either partially built or in the process of falling, appearing unfinished, broken, or asymmetrical when he photographs them. He then transforms these scenes into symmetrical images which add a continuity, harmony, and flow to the facets of life that many view as eyesores. He wants to help people recognize that progress can result from recognizing the beauty that is hidden within the breakdown.

The work of both artists, which at first glance appears to be heavily abstracted, quickly dissolves into a repetition of familiar objects and architecture.  By utilizing pattern and symmetry, Filey and Terry find complexity and meaning in the mundane.

The public is invited to meet the artists and enjoy complimentary food and beverages from 7-9pm on October 19th at Quad City Arts in Rock Island.

Quad City Arts • 1715 - 2nd Avenue • Rock Island, Illinois
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7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
309-793-1213 ext. 108
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