December 17th, POLYRHYTHMS Third Sunday Jazz Workshop & Matinee Series presents Nat King Cole, “the Trio Years” with Tony Sconyers and The Ron Tegeler Fourtet to the Redstone Room. A Jazz Demystifying Workshop begins at 3 pm, followed by a matinee concert from 6–8. 
Joining vocalist Tony Sconyers is The Ron Tegeler Fourtet, featuring Ron Tegeler – guitar, Glennda Currence – keyboards, Mickey Wilner – bass and Kirk Prebyl – drums.
“Those who know of Nat King Cole only as a talented and prolific vocalist might not be aware that Nat started his entertainment career as a gifted jazz pianist.  Many of us end on a path in life that is significantly different than the path of our beginning.
At the end of Nat’s journey, his legacy to many would surely be a collection of a wide array of vocal blockbusters of endless proportions.  Some may have little idea the vocal giant known as Nat King Cole began his professional music career as a talented teen whose goal was to become the next Earl Hines, a gifted jazz pianist in his own right.  Nat’s professional start as a vocalist was solely as filler for a budding jazz pianist. 
Study of the trio’s work from the end of the 1930s to the beginning of the 1950s lays the foundation of the first half of Nat’s renowned and extremely successful vocal career.  A review of Nat’s extensive vocal catalog invites Mr. Sconyers to make his review of the Trio Years the focal point of this current performance.
2019 is the one hundred year anniversary of Nat King Cole.  Like many other musical icons, Nat’s career and body of work was so broad that it cannot be fully digested in a single dose, so last year, 2016, it was decided that in order to do justice to such an incredible artist, a trilogy was in order.   Last December Tony Sconyers presented a Third Sunday Jazz program entitled “Cole: Le Debut.”  As suggested by that title, that program was styled as a debut or beginning snapshot of the life and musical legacy of Nat King Cole. December 17, 2017, Sconyers will present a musical program that focuses on the early half of Nat’s professional career.  That half is largely captured through a look at the progression of the Nat King Cole Trio.
“We must fully embrace, in a musical context, who we are and not keep it locked away in our past, yet we must practice and enjoy music, as with life, based on how much of our heart and soul we put into it” says Sconyers. 
Next year, Sconyers looks forward to exploring the latter portion of Nat’s life and career, completing the trilogy – just in time for a 2019 hundredth year celebration of the anniversary of Nat’s birth.”
Polyrhythms Third Sunday Jazz Workshop & Matinee Series at the RME’s Redstone Room, December 17th, features an all-ages workshop at 3 pm, and a matinee performance from 6-8 pm.   Admission to the workshop is Free for Kids and $5 for adults.  General admission for the 6 - 8 pm concert is $10 or $15 for reserved/VIP seating For ticket information, call Polyrhythms: 309 373-0790.  For additional information, visit our website: 

River Music Experience • 129 N. Main Street • Davenport, Iowa
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