On Sunday, October 20th from noon - 5p.m. the Family Museum's annual event Scarecrow Shenanigan's features games, spooktacular galleries, make and take activities, and more! This year's monster takeover has a bunch of fun monster activites.

All activities included with paid admission.

1st Floor Activities:
• Haunted Hopscotch: Make your feet match the monster’s tracks by jumping, twisting, and hopping your way into the museum.
• Floating Monsters: See for yourself…you’ll be amazed as we send air-filled monsters floating up to the museum’s rainbow ceiling!
• Monster Mitten Pals: Decorate and stuff your own mini monster friend! Add eyes, crazy hair, and all sorts of other fun features. Take your little guy home to spook your friends!
• The Monster Petting Zoo: Our monsters are shy so we keep them protected in dark boxes, but they love to be petted! See if you tell which monster is which!
• Glow Games: Lights out! Enjoy some games that GLOW, including Candy Corn Ring Toss, Monster Feeding, and more!

In the exhibits:
• Frankenstein’s Lab Spooky Room: Get in the spooky spirit by taking a stroll in the laboratory of Dr. Frankenstein…where monsters are brought to life!
• Monster Protection Rockets: Craft your own straw rocket and take aim at the monsters under the bed!
• Spooky! Hands-On! SCIENCE!: Experiment with Magnet Monsters, try your hand at Eyeball Engineering, and more.

2nd Floor Activities:
• Monster Snot (Science Room): Don’t be too grossed out! Mix up your own sample of monster snot…it even glows!
• Mini Pumpkins (Art Room): Get creative and make a pumpkin masterpiece to take home.
• Family Photo Station (2nd Floor Hall): Get your camera ready! Make a silly face and pose with our monster picture frame!

• Family Museum Dance Company: 1:00 & 3:00: Enjoy a Monsters Inc.-inspired dance performance by the Family Museum Dance Company!
•FrankenScience: 2:00 & 4:00: Catch this electrifying science show that will spark, glow, and light up your wildest, monster-iest dreams!


The Family Museum is located 2900 Learning Campus Drive in Bettendorf, Iowa. for more information call (563) 344-4106 or visit www.familymuseum.org

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