Blind Crow Productions Presents Shock House! Shock House is a Quad Cities top rated dark attraction unlike any other in the QC area. At Shock House, we assault your senses. You will be stalked, startled and disoriented as you travel through the passageways of Shock House.

What’s in store for 2017? Well for starters 2 haunts, 1 location, 1 price! Shock House has expanded! More scene rooms, more insane characters and the 3D area was such a hit last year we decided to make it bigger and better and into a separate haunt!! Psycho Circus 3D will feature work from the world famous Stuartizm Designs, special characters, and So much more!
Online ticket sales, VIP options, HIS and HER Indoor restrooms, 100% heated indoor waiting for hundreds, 7 Sins sideshow full frontal assault, and Zombie paintball shoot.

QCCA Expo Center • 2621 4th Avenue • Rock Island, Illinois
This event occurs in the past
7:00 PM - 12:00 PM
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