The word Biology is made up of two smaller words, "bio" and "logy."" Bio means life. Logy means a study of science. When we put these two words together, what do we get? Bio-logy, or Biology, the science of life. Students will investigate; insects, life cycles, learn a variety of classification methods; habitats and adaptations.

Topics to be explored 

Week 1: Insects 

Week 2: Life Cycles 

Week 3: Classification (Part 1) 

Week 4: Classification (Part 2) 

Week 5: Habitats 

Week 6: Adaptations

Instructor: Rebecca Heick

Pre-registration is required to take this class! Just fill out a form on our website,, or come down to the gallery and sign up in person! If there are any questions regarding the class or any of the other classes we offer, feel free to email us at

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Bereskin Gallery & Art Academy • 2967 State Street • Bettendorf, Iowa
This event occurs in the past
5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
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