The Quad Cities is known for its micro-breweries, wineries, and distilleries. Be sure to sample the brews, wines and spirits during your visit to the Quad Cities!
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Our local bloggers bring you the inside scoop on the excitement of the Quad Cities.
College Hill District: Neighborhood Businesses with Eclectic VibeOn the top of the hill in Rock Island, Illinois, near Augustana College is a wonderful neighborhood ... Read more »
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Quad Cities' Third Annual Tweed Ride The Quad Cities' Third Annual Tweed Ride will be held on Saturday, October 24, guaranteed to be ... Read more »
Art, Music, Food & Wine Overlooking the Mississippi RiverOver 28 years ago a group of professional local artists decided that the Quad Cities needed an art f... Read more »
Wine Month
In November we visited three local wineries to learn about their fresh products and holiday specials.
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