Introducing... "The Marvelous 4" Incentive Program from the Quad Cities! 4% off your master room bill when you book by June 30, 2015! Plus, choose extra incentives based on number of nights booked! Book 50 nights peak, two nights minimum and choose 1 more free incentive
Book 100 nights peak, two nights minimum and choose 2 more free incentives
Book 200 nights peak, two nights minimum and choose 3 more free incentives
Choose from these incentives - in addition to your 4% cash back
  • One complimentary room for every 25 consumed*
  • One free upgrade to a suite
  • One free a.m. or p.m. beverage break
  • Free onsite registration staff
  • Free Loop transportation tickets for your attendees to explore the downtown nightlife
Terms and conditions: Minimum two nights with peak rooms. Must contact the Quad Cities CVB at the time of booking to be eligible. Incentive not valid with other offers. Incentive not available to existing bookings, repeat bookings, or multi-year deals. 4% cash back incentive paid out by the Quad Cities CVB after room nights actualize. 4% cash back applies to master room bill including tax and incidentals.
* if chosen, the complimentary room policy will be included in your hotel contract as the CVB incentive ratio 1:25.
Welcome to the Quad Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau! If you are a meeting, convention, trade show, group tour, reunion, or sports planner, you are definitely in the right place.

Lynn Hunt, Vice President of Sales
800-747-7800 x823 • 309-736-6823

Dan Gleason, Director of Sales
800-747-7800 x828 • 309-736-6828

Joan Kranovich, Sales Manager
800-747-7800 x831 • 309-736-6831

Jessica Licko-Avants, Sales Manager
800-747-7800 x829 • 309-736-6829

Our sales staff is on hand to assist you. Feel free to contact us directly.

"Thanks for all of the amazing work that you did for this symposium! Our QC Travel and Tourism Bureau out shines any other area in the US! Thank you for all you do for our region!" - Vicky Miller, Illinois Procurement Technical Assistant Center, Illinois Northwest Region
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