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Address: 225 W. 2nd Street in downtown Davenport, Iowa

Phone: 563-326-7804

Web Site:

Hours: 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Tuesday-Sunday; open until 9 p.m. onThursdays

Admission: $7 adults; $6 seniors; $4 youth

Media Contact: Susan Horan, 563-326-7804 or  

What’s New:

  • The $500M, 12,000-piece collection from theUniversity of Iowawill be stored at the Figge Art Museum for thenext five years while a new university facility is constructed. They had tomove due to the flood damage the university's museum received in June2008. 

The Figge Art Museumopened in August 2005.  The glass 100,000square-foot building was designed by British architect DavidChipperfield and the museum represents the first museum project by thearchitect in the United States. 

“The design of the Figge Art Museumis inspired by its highly visible location along the Mississippi River and inthe heart of downtown Davenport.  The new building will strengthen the museum’simportant role in the region – not only as a cultural resource, but as anemblem and focal point of the community,” said Chipperfield. 

Thefacility features a rich mix of galleries, educational spaces, and publicamenities.  The building allows forgenerous exhibition space for the permanent collections, and special exhibitiongalleries.  Educational spaces include a“learning-to-look” gallery; a gallery with exhibitions of works by regionalartists; studio classrooms, a resource center, and a lecture hall.  Public spaces include a restaurant, museumstore, and an expansive lobby for events and receptions.

The museum’spermanent collection of approximately 3,000 works reflects a strong traditionof civic pride and philanthropy within the community.  In addition to an important AmericanRegionalist art collection with works by Grant Wood, Thomas Hart Benton andothers, the Figge Art Museum houses other significant collections. 

In 1967, the FiggeArt Museum established one of the first collections of Haitian art in theUnited States and it is considered one of the most significant collections ofits kind in the world.  The Mexican Colonial collection is one of the largest andmost important outside of Mexico City. 

Additionally, themuseum has an Asian collection with Japanese woodblockprints, Chinese scrolls and decorative objects from China,Japan, and Southeast Asia. The European collection includes representationalexamples of every major period from the Renaissance to Fauvism.  The Contemporary collection covers works produced since1945, with emphasis on Pop and Realist artists of the 1960s and 1970s such AndyWarhol and David Hockney.

Unveiled in May 2007 was an original Tiffany window that was stolen froma Rock Islandmausoleum in 1976.  Then recovered by theFBI in 1996, it is now on permanent display at the Figge Art Museum.  Louis Comfort Tiffany created the"River of Life"window, made of Favrile glass, copper foil, and lead, as a commission for theDenkmanns for their family mausoleum in ChippiannockCemetery in Rock Island sometime around 1905.  The Denkmann family wanted to have the windowprofessionally conserved upon its recovery and careful restoration, and wantedto place it in a local institution where it would be secure and available forpublic view.

The museum also received “Half Moon”, a horse sculpture by contemporaryartist Deborah Butterfield as a donation for their permanent collection inDecember 2007.  “Half Moon,” which is 89inches tall, is one of Butterfield’s bronze sculptures as opposed to her foundmetal work. 

The museum store offers decorative items for the home,clothing, artwork, toys, souvenirs, and more.


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