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The A.D. Huesing Corporation is an independently-owned Pepsi-Cola franchise bottling company. Unlike bottling companies owned and managed by the Pepsi-Cola Company, independently-owned franchise bottlers are not owned by the Pepsi-Cola Company. Rather, these independent bottlers maintain the exclusive rights to produce and distribute Pepsi-Cola and allied brands in their franchise territories, and no other company can legally sell Pepsi or any of its other brands in these territories.

When we began bottling operations in 1899, the only soft drink package available was the returnable bottle. The popularity of this package continued until the 1960’s, when the first aluminum cans appeared. Over the past 45 years consumer preference for cans, plastic bottles, and non-returnable glass bottles has increased. The market for a returnable bottle has ceased to exist. The last time Rock Island produced a glass returnable bottle was in 1995.
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